SCF Racecars has been manufacturing top quality Championship and Award winning cars since 2000. SCF Racecars is known for their craftsmanship, safety record and detailing in all race vehicles. We have been involved with drag racing since 1986.

We continue to build top quality cars, with some of the quickest and fastest cars in the country. We strive to give each customer exactly what they want in their race car. This means allowing every customer to make modifications and add options throughout the car building process, if desired. We also offer our assistance at the race track if needed.

We build street race cars to full chassis race car construction. We can also help you with wheelie bars, wings, mini tubs, diffs, roll cages, tin work, carbon fibre components to full carbon interior, custom pipes, merg collectors, fuel/oil & puke tanks or any kind of fabrication work.

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